Perceptions of Teachers and Students of the Promotion of Interaction Through Task-Based Activities in CLIL

Víctor Pavón Vázquez, Marta Prieto Molina, Francisco Javier Avila López

Porta Linguarum: revista internacional de didáctica de las lenguas extranjeras, ISSN 1697-7467, Nº. 23, 2015, págs. 75-91



Task-based learning is a methodological strategy which can be of use in the
integrated learning of language and subject matter, and its appropriateness for CLIL has been reported in different contexts (Cendoya & di Bin, 2010; Escobar & Sánchez, 2009; Poisel, 2012; Tardieu & Doltisky, 2012). This study investigates the perceptions that teachers and students have of the use of task-based learning as an instrument to favour participation and interaction in CLIL. Particularly, the objective is to analyse these areas in a special