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Teoria : Ejemplos y Explicacion Multi Word Verbs Ingles

A multi-word verb is a phrase consisting of a verb and one or more adverbs or prepositions. Multi-word verbs are very common in English. Here are some examples of multi-word verbs in English: look up

I looked up the word in the dictionary.

look after

Can you look after my cat while I’m on vacation?

look for

I’m looking for my keys. Have you seen them?

look forward to

I look forward to meeting you.

come up with

Can you come up with a good idea for a new product?

fill in

Can you fill in this form for me?

find out

I want to find out more about that new restaurant.

get back

I need to get back to work.

get through

I can’t get through to her. Her phone is always turned off.

hand in

Can you hand in your homework, please?

hang out

Do you want to hang out with us tonight?

keep on

Keep on trying. You’ll get there eventually.

let down

I’m sorry I let you down. I’ll try to do better next time.

log in

Can you log in to your email account and check if there are any messages for me?

log out

Don’t forget to log out of your email account when you’re finished.

pass away

I’m sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away.

pay back

Can you pay back the money you borrowed from me?

put off

Can we put off the meeting until next week?

run into

I ran into an old friend of mine at the mall yesterday.

send back

Can you send back this book to the library?

slow down

Slow down! You’re driving too fast!

speed up

Speed up! We’re going to be late!

stand up

Can you stand up for a minute? I need to vacuum under your seat.

switch on

Can you switch on the light, please? It’s too dark in here.

switch off

Can you switch off your phone, please? It’s very distracting.

take off

The plane is about to take off. You need to put your seatbelt on.

try on

Can you try on this dress and see if it fits you?

turn down

Can you turn down the music, please? It’s too loud.

turn off

Can you turn off the TV, please? I want to watch the news.

turn up

Can you turn up the music, please? I can’t hear it.

wake up

You need to wake up. It’s time for school.

wear out

I need to buy a new pair of shoes. These ones are worn out.

work out

I’m going to work out at the gym today.

write down

Can you write down my phone number, please? I don’t have a pen.

Ejercicios con soluciones de Ingles Multi Word Verbs

Si quieres mejorar tu inglés y aprender nuevas formas de expresarte, practicar los verbos compuestos es un excelente método. Los verbos compuestos son aquellos que están formados por dos o más palabras, como to get up, to give up, o to put off. Aprender a usar estos verbos de manera correcta puede mejorar significativamente tu habilidad para comunicarte en inglés.

Para ayudarte a practicar, aquí tienes un ejercicio de rellenar espacios. Primero lee el enunciado y luego usa los verbos compuestos en los espacios en blanco. Al final del ejercicio encontrarás las soluciones.


I wanted to ___ down and ___ the novel, but I just couldn’t ___ it.


I wanted to sit down and read the novel, but I just couldn’t get into it.


I was so tired that I decided to ___ up and ___ early.


I was so tired that I decided to call it a night and turn in early.

Abrir Ejercicios Multi Word Verbs Ingles – PDF

Ejercicios Ingles Multi Word Verbs PDF